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Who knew bed making would be such a chore when I got bunk beds for my son?  Had I known of the daily morning backache and head bumping from making his bed, I would have opted for a trundle.  Thankfully, there is a solution that makes bed-making a lot easier.

Simplified Bedding came up with the genius idea of creating a European-style-inspired duvet cover with a zip-in flat sheet.  With this system, you do not have to take out the comforter and launder the duvet when you change the sheets — you just wash the detachable flat sheet.  This system makes the morning routine go faster, especially since now my 7-year old is making his own bed.

The company conservatively estimates that this system saves at least 8 hours a year the time spent in bed making, but actually, if the time is figured in that you must spend to wash and dry a comforter every month or so, the time wasted would be much greater.

Besides the convenience, really this type of bedding is a lifestyle choice.  I see it that the way we sleep is very personal, and sleep is so essential to our health that anything that makes us sleep more restfully contributes to our overall wellbeing.  For those of us who like to sleep with one leg sticking out of the covers, or for those who cannot sleep a wink when the sheets are tangled, this system gives us a good night’s sleep.

My only wish is that the covers were available in other colors and patterns besides pure white, but maybe designer covers will come in time when this system catches on.  The materials are 100-percent cotton sateen for comfort and durability.  And while the cost is $159 for a twin size, $189 for queen and $209 for king, for me and my son, the ease of making the bed each morning makes the investment well worth it.  Readers can enter the code simple15 at checkout for a 15% discount thorough May 31, 2015.

It’s not the Swiss Alps, but Big Bear is pretty great when it comes to SoCal snow skiing and snowboarding; and the fact it’s just 110 miles away from Los Angeles makes it the go-to mountain getaway for many Angelenos.  Even though its close enough to go for a day trip, Big Bear has a lot to offer and it’s best to plan for at least one overnight.


Think Snow, and Think Ahead

The trick to a great Big Bear ski vacation is planning.  Spontaneity is fun, but the reality is that without reservations for accommodations or lift passes you might arrive in Big Bear and not find the there’s no room at the inns or the resort is sold out.  Both of the main Big Bear resorts, Bear Mountain and Snow Summit, limit the number of tickets that can be sold to keep the slopes from becoming overcrowded.  Check out the website (www.bigbearmountainresorts.com) to reserve tickets and get snow and road conditions before you begin your road trip. Check out Big Bear Vacations for rentals of a wide array of properties of all sizes and amenities, from luxurious homes to cozy cabins.

bear vacation

To get the most out of your day, arrive when the mountain opens at 8:30 am to beat the crowds.  To save time, you can go online before your arrival and sign the computerized ezWaiver system.

rental chaos

Lessons Learned

The snow sports schools at both Bear Mountain and Snow Summit are known for great instruction.  The program overall is five-stars, but the onboarding process can be less than streamlined when a hundred people are all trying to get geared up for classes at the same time, so arrive early.

john in pro shop

At either resort first-time snowboarders can rent Burton Learn to Ride equipment.  Since the most common complaint of learners is constant falling, Burton designed these special snowboards with beveled edges that reduce falls, so learners spend less time on their butts and more riding.

snow sports school

Look Around

The beauty of Big Bear, besides the incredible vista of the San Bernardino National Forrest, is that visitors have two nearby resorts just two miles apart from which to choose.  Both resorts are operated by the Big Bear Mountain Resorts, so lift tickets are interchangeable, and guests can take a free inter-resort shuttle between them.

The People’s Park

Known as the People’s Park, Bear Mountain has a slightly higher elevation and about five percent more advanced trails.  It is also home to California’s only Superpipe and has many freestyle terrain runs with jibs, jumps, rails, boxes and walls for boarders.  Bear Mountain is famed as the stomping grounds of Olympic Gold Medalist Shaun White and draws more snowboarders than its sister resort Snow Summit.  Even kids 3 to 6 years can snowboard at Bear Mountain at Riglet Park, a bunny slope with terrain features where toddlers are lead around with a tow rope.  Overall, Bear Mountain is for geared for young adults and teens, which one can sense walking up to the base of the slopes, known as The Scene, where loud music blares in an outdoor bar-like environment, where everyone is hobbling around in ski boots.

magic carpet

Family Friendly Skiing

Snow Summit is known I s known as the most family friendly of the Bear Mountain resorts.  One popular feature is their family Park of easy runs where only slow riding and skiing is allowed, and patrons are reminded to maintain slow speeds with signs and a looped announcement on a loud speaker.  The atmosphere at the base area of Snow Summit is more relaxed and less crowded and more spread out than at Bear Mountain, though Snow Summit requires a lot of walking to get around and has seemingly endless flights of stairs, which can be difficult to maneuver in bulky ski boots, carrying skis and poles, and assisting children with all their gear.  Snow Summit also has night skiing, 3 to 9:30 pm, which is an exciting, magical winter wonderland experience when it’s snowing.

Riglet Park

Cali4nia or Bust

Lift ticket prices vary throughout the season.  Kids under six are free. Special deals are available when booked 48 hours in advance. The Cali4nia Pass offers all-season use for Bear Mountain, Snow Summit, Mammoth and June Mountain and includes deals on lessons, rental discounts and other perks.

Before you head up the mountain, check the road conditions.  Chains are required on roads in higher elevations — even if they are not installed on your tires you must carry them in your vehicle.

With a little planning, your trip to Big Bear will be a blast, not a bear.

bengets   jumbalyala

Los Angeles is a long way from New Orleans, but The Original Farmers Market at Third and Fairfax will bring the ways of the Bijou state to Angelenos this weekend, as it kicks off the 26th annual Mardi Gras Celebration, on Valentine’s Day, February 14.  The three-day event will feature bead throwing, beignets, Dixie beer, face painting, and a lineup of music including Cajun and Zydeco bands and strolling performers.

gumbopotgumbopot menu

The boisterous, family friendly celebration includes special menu items from the many of the market’s 120 vendors. Chef Clinton and his crew at famed The Gumbo Pot will cook up their world-class jambalaya and Cajun gumbo, including alligator gumbo, along with catfish, crawfish pie, and many Cajun-spiced dishes.

The Normandie Bakery, run by the wonderfully sweet baker Josette, will slice up traditional King Cake, coated with purple, green and gold sugars and complete with a Baby Jesus baked inside.

bakeryking cake

Bob’s Coffee and Doughnuts will serve puffed and powder-sugared fried dough treats that New Orleanians know as donuts but tourists call beignets. E.B’s and other bars at the market will be serving favorite beers of the Big Easy, such as Dixie Beer and Abita Purple Haze.  Rumor has it that one of the market’s sushi vendors will feature a special crawfish roll.


Besides the cost of food and drink, the entire event is free.  Festivities continue into the evening hours over the weekend and wrap up February 17 with a Fat Tuesday finale 6 to 9 pm featuring Eddie Baytos and The Nervis Bros playing on the West Patio.  For more information and a full schedule of bands and activities, visit www.farmersmarketla.com.



The term “family restaurant” means different things to different people.  At Locanda del Lago it means many things.  The traditional Northern Italian restaurant at Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade has stood the test of time in LA where eateries go in and out of vogue with the seasons, but a typical bustling multigenerational Saturday night crowd shows this family favorite has staying power, not just as a restaurant where children are welcome, but also where diners are treated like family.


Greeting guests at the host stand, an affable JD, in a snappy bow-tie, sets the tone for visitors. At first I thought JD mistook me for someone he knew, since his welcoming was so enthusiastic, but I later learned from our server, John, that JD is always this way.

John, who by his movie-star good looks and his expert recitation of the daily specials I presumed — and confirmed — was an actor, was pleasant and patient as my dining companion and I mulled over our options.  We decided to start off with one of the restaurant’s signature cocktails, since JD had told us that the ingredients were fresh sourced just the day before from the local farmer’s market.  We chose the blood orange martini — delicious and fruity, and the raspberry and lemon drop martini — very sweet, accented by a sugared rim.


We moved onto the appetizers — Burrata e Zucca; a creamy Burrata cheese with a savory-sweet butter squash compote; and the restaurant’s popular sampler of fried shrimp, calamari, smelts and zucchini. The former was a generous portion, making us wish we had ordered just one starter; and the latter was made interesting by the smelts, but overall this plate was a bit more crispy than hoped for, and since we were saving room for our entrees we had this bagged to take home.


For entrees we chose the fillet, assuming we “could not go wrong,” and John in fact reinforced this idea using these exact words.  We also opted for a lobster pasta, which John highly recommended and informed us was the Chef Gianfranco Minuz’s own favorite dish to eat himself, whenever he was lucky enough there was any left at the end of a night.


While the fillet was more on the medium than the medium-rare requested, it was still a tender piece of beef with a rich Porcini mushroom sauce and served with sautéed broccolini.  The pasta dish was a surprising pale green color, almost like tinted glass noodles, and while neither of expected to like it, we were pleased that it was, as promised, an exquisite treat.


We finished our dinner with a molten lava cake, which unfortunately was still chilled in the center. Nevertheless, we polished it off, and though I was certain John would have offered us another dessert if we had complained, we were quite satisfied overall with our meal.

By the time we left, after pacing ourselves through an enjoyable two-hour dinner, we noticed most of the tables around us were the same guests as when we sat down.  The tables were filled with families — of grandparents, parents and children.  We were amused to see one table complete filled with children — the proverbial kids table — next to their parents who were clearly savoring their long evening of dining and visiting with family.


As we made our way out, JD introduced us to the affable Michelin-starred Chef Minuz, whose menu was inspired by the tastes of the regions of Lombardy and Lake Como, and they saw us out the door, as good hosts always do at the end of an evening spend with familia; and they invited us to come again, which we certainly will.

A 1991 movie, LA Story, made fun of Los Angeles and its lack of history and culture.  Steve Martin cynically gives Sarah Jessica Parker a tour of our fair city exclaiming, “Some of these buildings are (wait for it) … 20 years old!”  But indeed there are some Angeleno landmarks and traditions that date back more than 100 years, and my family recently got to experience one, Hotel Del Coronado, just 2.5 hours south of LA, but a world away from the glitz and hustle of the city.


Hotel Del, as it is affectionately known, attracts families that return generation after generation, to celebrate weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and holidays, most notably Christmas, at this luxury beachfront resort.  The iconic red-shingled roof of the wooden Victorian-style main hotel is immediately recognizable and has played the backdrop not only for memorable family vacation photos but also for many Hollywood movies.

Since its opening in 1888, the hotel has hosted many of the silver screen’s greats, such as Douglas Fairbanks, Rudolph Valentino, Charlie Chaplin, Clark Gable, Errol Flynn and Mae West, and today it still serves as a getaway to the rich and famous, from Madonna, Oprah Winfrey and Brad Pitt, to a slew of Presidents, including Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barak Obama.

guest room

The hotel is one of the largest all-wood structures in the United States, and its famed Crown Ball Room, which served as inspiration to the writer of Wizard of Oz, L. Fred Baum, who often stayed there, features a wooden ceiling installed with pegs and glue — not a single nail.

crown ballroom

Its architectural and cultural history alone make Hotel Del a destination worth visiting, but its welcoming, family friendly atmosphere and family traditions keep families returning year after year.  Most famously, the hotel hosts a legendary month-long winter holiday celebration featuring a beachside outdoor ice skating rink, thousands of festive white lights and an giant Christmas tree in the lobby, an homage to America’s very first electrically lit outdoor Christmas tree at the hotel, in 1904.

The lobby’s brass-gated elevator, complete with a uniformed elevator operator, and the dark wood-paneled stair cases and the bright, wide-open enormous hallways to guest rooms harken back to an era of grand hotels, adding to the nostalgia of the Hotel Del, and serving as a wonderment to children, who look forward to coming back to the hotel each year for holidays and vacations.


The property was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1977and a California Historical Landmark in 1970 and has been named by USA Today as one of the top ten resorts in the world.  Despite its age, the hotel has kept up with modern times with multiple renovations, including more than $10 million in upgrades, including the addition of a few dozen limited-term occupancy cottages and villas a couple hundred more rooms, in addition to the 399 original rooms.

The amenities include an Olympic-sized salt water pool, tennis courts, and many lush gardens and gazebos around the property, along with shops and restaurants.  Of course, with the digital age, Hotel Del added Wi-Fi, flatscreen TVs, electronic key cards and all the modern comforts that today’s luxury travel expects.  But while many hot spots come and go, Hotel Del has stood the test of time.


For many of today’s visitors, like our family, the Hotel Del represents the best of new and old, where grandparents enjoy the charm, comfort and familiarity of a magical place where their own childhood memories were made, while they watch their grandchildren play on the beach and make memories for a lifetime.  For our family, our visit this holiday season was the first of what we plan to make an annual tradition.  And maybe one day we will be lucky enough to come back and see our own grandchildren fall in love with the Del.

Tired of drinking down your meal with the same sodas?  Your taste buds will be awash with gratitude when you sample these new brews.

Going Coconuts

Seems everything cools comes out of Brazil these days – Acai berries, Brazilian blow outs, and the latest craze, coconut water.  Once only sucked from the hairy husk of an actual coconut, now this refreshing beverage can be found at just about every grocery store.  But not satisfied with the original, ZICO brand has added flavorings and juices to concoct an assortment of coconut water drinks including chocolate, pineapple, mango, and passion fruit.  While the natural flavor drink has zero fat and zero cholesterol, the boosted drinks up the calories but still nets about half the calorie count of regular fruit drinks; and all the  ZICO products contain five naturally-occurring electrolytes, including as much potassium as a banana. Many enjoy coconut water to hydrate after exercise, as an alternative to sports drinks, but with the new flavors, coconut waters are finding themselves at the dinner table, and even in cocktails. As most fans of coconut water will agree, its best served very chilled.  ZICO Chilled Premium Coconut Water and Juice Blends (ZICO Chilled Juices) are available in the refrigerator aisle of major grocery stores nationwide.


Tea Time

Parents everywhere cringe daily as they pack their kids’ lunch boxes and slip in a juice box, knowing they are sending their child off with the devil in a cardboard package.  Typically these juice boxes are loaded with unhealthy sugar and who-knows-what chemicals; but darned if they are the handiest option for busy working moms and dads.  Until now, the pickings of kids’ drinks in boxes was dismal, but Drazil Kids Tea is changing that. The herbal tea company was launched by Christine Wheeler, a former Procter and Gamble brand manager, who wanted to bring Japan’s tea culture to the US in an effort to offer a better option for parents and kids.  Herbal tea has many health benefits for kids, giving them needed antioxidants and minerals, and helping combat childhood obesity, to which experts agree sugary drinks are a major factor.  Drazil is the first herbal tea mix with 100% juice added, for mild sweetness, which helps kids enjoy the tea flavor. With 35% less sugar than typical juice box drinks, Drazil cuts the sugar and keeps the antioxidant and minerals. Drazil tea drinks are sold at southwest grocery retailers, including select Whole Foods, Southern California Bristol Farms, Amazon and www.drazilfoods.com.


Only 8 percent of people keep their New Year’s resolutions, but if you are motivated to rid yourself of muscle pain, improve your posture and feel your best in 2015, here are some DIY health products that can help you keep your promise to yourself for a healthier New Year and beyond.

Sit Straight

Good posture can not only make you look better, it can make you feel better from head to toe.  Proper alignment can not only relieve back and neck pain, but it improves breathing and body movement for better circulation and helps your organs better perform their functions. Improved posture can also give the appearance of a 10-pound weight loss instantly. BackJoy’s SitSmart Posture Plus ($39.99) seating aid helps you achieve ideal sitting posture by tilting your hips upright and comfortably “floating” your spine over the seat. Crafted from a durable, flexible proprietary material base, it supports you in optimal posture, yet reacts to every move you make.  Posture Plus is completely weatherproof for indoor or outdoor use and fits adults 100 to 300 lbs.BJPPS-006_ALT150

Stand Tall

When you are on your feet, maintain good posture with the help of BackJoy’s StandRight Bliss shoes (women’s Lace Style, $64.99).  This unique footware line is created with active stabilization technology to help you stand and move better with optimal posture from head to toe, and 85 percent of wearers report improved balance. BackJoy’s Natural Gait Line System is crafted into each shoe to guide your foot so you walk correctly. A neutral footbed keeps your head, hips and feet balanced in good posture, so that you stand correctly.  Shock-absorbing materials cushion the foot and heel at impact for extra comfort and support.  FWWBL-001_IS
Move Right
Remember when your mom told you to stand up straight? Those reminders often made you pull your shoulders back and stand straighter and taller, but mom can’t always be there. That’s where BackJoy’s Posture Wear Elite comes in. The Comfort Fit Shirt ($89 for men’s and women’s styles) is designed to enhance your posture and relieve back pain. The shirt’s unique active stabilization system pulls the shoulders back while correctly aligning the spine and promoting optimal posture while allowing complete range of motion.  The shirt features a seamless construction and moisture-wicking fabric that is comfortable enough to wear during all intensity of sports wicks away moisture. APMTS-001_IS
Sleep Well

A good night’s sleep can help you feel rejuvenated for your day, but waking up with a stiff neck can put a damper on productivity.  BackJoy’s patented, handcrafted SleepSound Pillow ($99) combines the support of memory foam and the soft comfort of down fill to comprise a pillow that self-adjusts to your body and sleeping position to support optimal sleeping posture.  The layered design does not clump or flatten and provides a breathable downy surface that allows you to fall asleep in comfort, while the Cool Comfort Memory Foam layers conform to support your head and neck in proper alignment throughout the night. Available in standard and travel sizes.PLDEP-001_IS

Kneel Right

Whether you are doing chores around the house, gardening or other jobs and hobbies that require kneeling, you should focus on the task at hand rather than uncomfortable knee pain. The BackJoy Kneeler ($19.99) puts a firm cushion between your knee and hard surfaces to give your knees a break while you work.  The ergonomically designed pad transfers the pressure of kneeling onto the product while stress free acupressure nodes take additional strain off the body.KNLER-002_IS

These and other BackJoy products available at Bed Bath & Beyond, CVS, Staples and www.backjoy.com.

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